About “Beneath the Hagia Sophia” Photo Exhibition

The world heritage Hagia Sophia is the crown of the first hill of İstanbul whichis believed in antique periodthat the sky is brought to earth by its dome.

“Beneath the Hagia Sophia” is a project continuing since 1998. The purpose of the project was to enter to the no mapped part of the most famous and important structure of the world which was entered by only a very few people till now and there was no knowledge about the area except some legends. So, the purpose was to discover and to view that area.

For the first stage, two wells inside of Hagia Sophia have been plunged. The wells of Hagia Sophia were viewed and measured for the first time.

The difficulties of finding a document or record about the underground of Hagia Sophia forced the searches to spread out to a wide time slice. Hints which seem not to be related with each other were put together.

A discovery trip was made to the tunnels of Hagia Sophia in 2009. Tunnels were filmed and the maps of seen area were prepared.

The findings were evaluated and it was decided that another discovery tour should be made to complete the missed points and to improve some insufficient views for documentary to be satisfying one. The hypothesis with new knowledge should be tested again.

New diving was made into the corridors and wells in December 2012 and last two discovery steps were completed by diving into wells and corridors in 10th of December and to corridors in 17th of December.

The views created by these diving were shared with the experts and they were asked for their ideas. Many subjects about the underground of Hagia Sophia were clarified. A science committee was created for the subjects that need long term researches.

All the reality under the legends about wells and cisterns of Hagia Sophia was searched during the project. With all of these searches, it was cleared that not only underground of Hagia Sophia but on the surface also, there were many mysterious points which were not realized till now.

The press conference of documentary movie presented by HalukBilginer will be realizedjust before the world premiere and more detailed explanations will be done to the dear pressmen.


The names of the pieces in Exhibition

1)      IşığınSelamı  – Light greetings

2)      GeceSophia  –  Sophia at night

3)      ŞaheseriKareyeHapsetmek–Locking up the masterpiece into frame

4)      Ayasoft – Hagiasoft

5)      HünkarMahfili–Sultan’s Mahfil

6)      ZorluEtap –Tough Stage

7)      2 Din, Tekkare – 2 Religions, one frame

8)      BilinmezeUzayanTüneller – Tunnels extending to unknown

9)      BirMasalŞehrindenDetay  – Detail from a fairy tale city

10)   Ekip – Team

11)   TehlikeyeDalanlar – Divers of risk

12)   IslakYürüyüş – Wet walk

13)  BirKaskınIşığında – Under the light of a helmet

14)  GerçeğinPeşinde – In search of reality

15)  SaklıDerinliklerde – In hidden depths

16)  BirKeşfinİzinde – On the footsteps of a discovery

17)  MaviKarşılama – Blue welcome

18)  MeleklerveKubbe – Angels and Dome

19)  BirAdımÖnce – One step before

20)  KuyununDerinliklerinde – Beneath the well

21)  DenizDeryaAyasofya – Sea & Ocean Hagia Sophia

22) 2 Din, TekKare (2)- Two religions, one shot


Some exhibition photos;


Artists in Exhibition:

KamilErcümentAtak       :              Director Photography & Chief Photographer

Mehmet Cevizli               :              Set Photographer

CumhurGülensoy           :              Team Photographer

OzanÇokdeğer                 :              Diver

We are thankful to them who provide the exhibition to come to life by rendering their pieces.

Güksel Gülensoy – Kutsi Akıllı

 (The photographs of “Beneath the Hagia Sophia” exhibition were printed in studios of Cevizli Görsel İletişim.)


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