Last Step 10 -17 December 2012

                                                                              Collage by ; Ercüment Kamil Atak

And a collage than last discovery trip and divings. Also this discovey gave us many things. A mysterious skeleton, an unbelievable discovery, some little secret and etc. We will share many things in this website and on documentary. Just we wait for some confirmation than our consultants

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Crypto Room

Great Roman Empire was divided into two in 395 as East and West Roman Empire. In fifth century, with the invasion of Italy by the German tribes, West Roman Empire collapsed and East Roman Empire became the most powerful one in the World.

Although the Roman Emperor Julian wanted to revive paganism during his period (362-363), he had not been successful. The religious preference of the emperor was cleared by the last Roman Emperor 1st Theodosius’s adoption to Christianity.  With the contribution of East Roman part, Christianity was continuing to spread around the world as dominant religion.

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