Inferno, Dan Brown and Beneath the Hagia Sophia


Hagia Sophia is, without doubt, the most famous building in Turkey. No tourist is considered to have seen Istanbul, unless they visit Hagia Sophia. Besides all its architectural and religious importance, it also guards many secrets. Some of them on it, some beneath.

While thousands of people were working to break the secrets over ground, Continue reading “Inferno, Dan Brown and Beneath the Hagia Sophia” »

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Beneath the Hagia Sophia – Photo Exhibition

Hagia_sophia_exThe photos which were taken over and under Hagia Sophia during the filming of “Beneath The Hagia Sophia” documentary movie, has been started to be exhibited in Galata, Pepo Art Café. The exhibition which is started on 2nd of March 2013, is facing to an intense interest. In the exhibition, there are photos of not only the underground but from the inside and outside of Haghia Sophia and some snapshots of the team while working about the project. Continue reading “Beneath the Hagia Sophia – Photo Exhibition” »

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