About the Project

It’s every documentarian’s dream to make a documentary which is going to become a legend about a legendery structure. I succeed to shoot the tunnels and cisterns under Hagia Sophia after all the research and permission that took 20 years to get. I know, people will have a chance to see a legendary place that they won’t be able to see when this documentary is on the air. I will end hundreds of legends about Hagia Sofia and prove the fact of  the real ones.

I came to the final stage of the documentary and I need to get some help . I am looking for a sponsor or a producer partner for the last stage of this documentary. The people (or company) who are going to help me to make this unique documentary happen will be remembered with this feature, and their name will be written in the infinitiv era..

Göksel Gülensoy ( Creator of the documentary project “Beneath the Hagia Sofia”)


The purpose of this documentary is to revive and demystify the cistern and tunnel legends, to clearly present the museum to the public. With the project’s first step, which is the “HAGIA SOPHIA” documentary, Göksel Gülensoy has won awards from all the domestic and international festivals he has attended.

The underwater shootings of the documentary “AYASOFYA‘NIN  DERİNLİKLERİNDE ” (BENEATH THE HAGIA SOPHIA ) were carried out in the depths of the Hagia Sophia’s three big historical cisterns by four professional  divers with extensive equipment using the latest technology in 1998.

The shootings of the 283 meters long tunnels and waterways were carried out by Boğaziçi International Caving Club crew between 13.04.2009 – 15.04.2009.



Every year 3 million people visit the Hagia Sophia on average. Today Wikipedia data about Orthodox churches and people connected to them present the following figures:

The Russian Orthodox Church (95 million), the Romanian Orthodox Church (17 million), Ukrainian Orthodox Church (15 million), the Greek Orthodox Church (9 million), the Georgian Orthodox Church (9 million), the Serbian Orthodox Church (8 million), the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (8 million), the Greek Orthodox Church (6 million), the Orthodox Church in America (1 million), the Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch (750 thousand), Polynesian Orthodox Church (750 thousand), the Cyprus Orthodox Church (450 thousand), the Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria (350 thousand), the Albanian Orthodox Church (210 thousand), the Czechoslovak Orthodox Church (100 thousand), the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (60 thousand)

This production appeals to over 170 millions of people by looking just from a religious perspective. In addition to that, there is an even bigger community wanting to learn about the Hagia Sophia’s history and its architecture.



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