One of the greatest mysteries of the World and Hagia Sophia; The Flight of the Angels

angels of the Hagia Sophia“Beneath the Hagia Sophia” Project has uncovered one of the biggest mysteries of the world; “The Flight of the Angels”. When the angel (Seraphim) pictures which are on the lower part of the dome put one after another, we get a flying angel figure.

This leads to important and not-yet-answered questions. Was animation known in Ancient Rome? If not, why were the angels depicted in this particular way? Does the legend of the angels that carry the dome take its root from “The Flight of the Angels”?  Is “The Flight of the Angels” one of the well kept secrets of Early Period Christianity?


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All these questions will be answered in time. What’s important now is that, all the generations alive today watched animations in their childhood. Of all these children which grew up with animations, at least 100 million of them visited Hagia Sophia. They spent time under the dome, awed at these angels. Yet, no one tried to put these four angels together. This is in fact understandable, as the visitors never thought that animation could be known in ancient times and the animation was a product of 20th Century.

As many of its secrets were revealed with the “Beneath the Hagia Sophia”, this legendary building offered even more mysteries to be solved. As if saying, “you solved those, now investigate these”. One of the more important of these mysteries is “The Flight of the Angels”. A puzzle that hovered over our heads for centuries. One that we could not solve, yet. This is ironic, as the project was about the below ground parts of Hagia Sophia, not the upper parts. This mystery was found by Kutsi Akilli, our researcher/scenarist, who is also an animation director.

“Beneath the Hagia Sophia” project, which was given life by Goksel Gulensoy, will offer many more surprises. While the unknown depths of Hagia Sophia were being investigated, the upper part gets jealous and brings up a few of its puzzles. It is reminding us that its mysteries were not completely solved, despite the research conducted by thousands of experts for centuries.

“Beneath the Hagia Sophia” is on its post production phase.

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